is it us you’re looking for?

We plan and strategise, we write blogs, we write social media posts, we write case study features and interviews, and we create beautiful websites just like this one…

This is our simple communication strategy:

we tell you what to say to your customers, how to say it and where to say it. And if you want us to say it on your behalf, we can do that too.

That really is it. If you know what you’re doing, communications isn’t complicated – but it’s hugely valuable.

And why can we do this? Because we’re two no-nonsense women with, between us, 40 years’ experience of what will fly and what will flop.  

We work with innovative and curious travel industry clients who have great ideas but don’t know how to effectively communicate them. We can help you start conversations with your existing customers AND your potential customers. 

We do this by turbocharging your content, crafting your communications strategy and doing what every successful business in 2022 needs – telling your story, with wit, wisdom and warmth.

“But why should I be telling my story? What if I don’t have a story to tell?” 

Everyone has a story! And stories are what people, families and communities thrive on. Customers love a narrative and a personal connection. It’s why people always prefer a word-of-mouth recommendation over an algorithm.  

Without clear communication, your brand is lost. It’s become a pandemic cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason because it’s true: it’s all about the story.

Thanks to our network of bad ass professionals (all women we rate and trust) we can help you, whatever the scope and budget of the project.

Cherry pick our services or let us create a holistic overarching comms strategy for your business that straddles every element of the customer conversation.

Not only are we a pair of excellent content creators (a journalist and a marketeer) with 40 years of solid industry experience between us, we are working mums – the most efficient demographic in the world, fact – and we’ve got access to a brilliant network of skilled women who share our get-it-done attitude. 

‘We’ are Rebecca Miles and Lyndsey Thomas, and we’re plate-spinning and tenacious no-nonsense experts with oodles of experience between us 

Introduced by a mutual friend when Lyndsey was looking for a journalist to help her develop Girl About Travel, we bonded over a love of good holidays and rubbish memes, and quickly figured out we work really, really well together, despite living over 200 miles apart.

Fast forward two and a half years, one global pandemic, one move to Toronto and one Travel Club launch later and we’re still going strong – just older, wiser and even more savvy. 

We’re not wet behind the ears, we’ve been around the block – and we’re happy with who we are. We’re not claiming to be TikTok wizards but we know how to plan, measure, analyse and create content to get results.  

Lyndsey Thomas – Comms strategy, web design, brand development and partnerships, traditional and digital advertising strategy, graphic design, SEO     

Rebecca Miles – Editorial strategy, copywriting, content creation, SEO, WordPress and Squarespace designer

We are supported by

Jo White – Founder at Click Travel Marketing

Lauren Sycamore –
travel trade representation specialist

Plus, through the Girl About Blog Squad (the backbone to Girl About Travel), we have access to a vast network of female content creators, bloggers and local UK-based influencers to help create vast content plans and implement communication strategies.   


We understand the benefits of working flexibly and getting it done efficiently to suit you. We’re the types who’ll be at the school gates at 9am, on a business call at 10am, a play date at 4pm, and planning a content strategy at 8pm. 

We combine the traditional with the innovative – we’re women of a certain age, well educated in our fields and each with two decades of real-life industry experience, from corporate to consumer. 

We have minimal overheads – our way of remote smart working means lower costs for you, without compromising on quality.


Helmut Schoen

Founder, The Hideaways Club

Lyndsey Thomas and Rebecca Miles played a big part in the re-branding of The Hideaways Club, including the communications strategy and new website.

They complement each other very well combining attention to detail with the bigger picture.  

Their work involved branding, emotive storytelling, professionally written content, image selection, slick graphic design and a holistic approach across the entire project and with different media to achieve differentiation from our competition.  

They are both very passionate, dedicated, hardworking, very professional, creative and results-driven, which impressed me from the outset. 

Lyndsey and Rebecca were quick off the mark when the pandemic took hold to pivot our comms plan and implement new ideas as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

They would be an asset to any business looking for help with their communications strategy and the roll out of it.

Jeanette Yetman

International Trade Sales – Destination St. John’s, Canada

I would not hesitate for one minute to have the opportunity to work with Lyndsey again.

She is relentless and a firecracker!  

Lucy Aspden

Commissioning Editor, The Telegraph

Rebecca is not only reliable for taking up last-minute requests but is always informed and delivers content to brief and deadline.

Her pitches are knowledgeable and her attitude proactive – a pleasure to work with always  

Cathy Duke

CEO, Destination St. John’s

Lyndsey’s knowledge of our destination and her expertise within-market for United Kingdom and Ireland allowed for great promotion and partnering opportunities.

Lyndsey’s work created awareness of our smaller destination and in the minds and tariffs of tour operators in the United Kingdom and Ireland as a destination option.

Lyndsey was a strong asset to our organization, and I would highly recommend her in any capacity. 

Sacha Peters

Head of Marketing, Ski Solutions

Rebecca is an excellent copywriter with in-depth knowledge of the ski industry and travel destinations.

Her expertise comes through in her work which is always delivered on time and to a high standard.

Rebecca comes highly recommended as an extension of any marketing team.